Meet Elise!

In this second installment of our team member spotlight, we caught up with Elise Hoffman, whose friendly face and easy smile greet you when you walk in the door of our North Hills showroom. Elise started working for Kitchen & Bath Galleries as a college intern, and we were thrilled in 2011 when she officially joined the team!


QUICK BACKGROUND: Elise grew up in Raleigh alongside her four older brothers. Yes, you read that correctly, FOUR of them! This equipped her with an extra large dose of patience, determination, and humor, all which serve her well now! Elise graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, majoring in Interior Architecture.

WHAT SHE ENJOYS ABOUT HER JOB: Elise enjoys staying on top of the latest and greatest in our industry, and can be counted on to let us know what is trending on social media sites such as Pinterest and Houzz. In addition to her space planning and design skills, Elise is also quite gifted at photography, and has become our go-to for taking photos of completed projects. She loves getting to see first hand how the plans on paper have transformed into beautiful and functional living spaces.

HER FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Elise gravitates toward classic materials, from marble countertops to crystal cabinet knobs. She tends to favor product lines that cater to varied styles and budgets while still maintaining top quality products, such as Kitchen Craft in the kitchen or Hansgrohe for decorative plumbing.

IN HER FREE TIME: Remember the part about the four brothers? Well, those brothers of hers have given her several nieces and nephews that she absolutely adores, and she always has a fun story to share of her latest escapades with them! Elise is also quite devoted to running, whether out with her dog or on a treadmill.

HER TOP DESIGN PRIORITY: Functionality rules in Elise’s book. Spaces are for living, after all, and should be both efficient AND beautiful. Elise strives to pair the practical with styles and finishes that represent the clients’ lifestyle, life stage, and personality.

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  1. Stephen Vaughn

    Elise is incredible to work with.

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