More completed project photos

Absolutely love the style of the kitchen pictured below….the beautiful glass door inserts, the professional appliances, the gorgeous quartzite on the island…what’s not to love?

11354 KIT 5

11354 KIT 6

And don’t you immediately feel right at home in this classic kitchen? So many beautiful details and such functional storage space!

12359 KIT 5

12359 KIT 6

We loved photographing these finished spaces of some wonderful clients! Next up will be some recently completed bathroom projects…stay tuned! 🙂

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VISION House Los Angeles featuring Kitchen Craft cabinetry

Love to see our manufacturers proud to embrace more eco-friendly practices. Kitchen Craft is KCMA-certified and continues to make ongoing efforts toward sustainability.

Check out the video below highlighting their participation in the VISION House in Los Angeles, an endeavor put on by Green Builder Media.

Cabinet Design by Kitchen Craft Cabinetry – VISION House Los Angeles


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Friday finds…

Here are a few fun finds for this Friday…apparently we were on a lighting kick. Perhaps an attempt to brighten up this week’s rainy days?

First up are a couple new additions to the lighting collection from Waterworks…



Love the dainty Marley sconce, above. Or check out the vintage style of the new Watt collection, below, inspired by telephone pole insulator covers. Both shown in Waterworks’ beautiful nickel finish.




We were also drawn to the light fixtures in the photos below, recent additions to our Houzz ideabooks.

We love using crystal fixtures in the bathroom! So versatile…crystal can be very traditional, super modern, or anywhere in between.


Love both the pendants and the chandelier in this gorgeous kitchen. And those low-profile bar stools are faves of ours too!


In the mood for more lighting inspiration? Head over to the recently launched Domaine Home website…link below to their Top 10 list for sconces. If you plan on perusing their site, you might want to pour yourself a big cup of coffee first…it’s addicting!!!


Happy Friday!


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“Nobody puts Baby in the corner…”

Remember that line from Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing?!  It’s the part where Johnny returns to do the final dance with Baby, even after he’s been fired from the resort.   Maybe “nobody puts Baby in the corner,” but in a kitchen, the corners can be one of the toughest places to get functional storage.

So what do you put in the corner?  Anybody have one of those “blind” cabinets where the cabinets sort of overlap at the intersection, and you can’t even see/reach in the back of it?  Yea. Not that.

Pull It Out

One option is to get a cabinet with mechanisms in it that you can pull out.  Sometimes the whole tray angles and pulls out so you are really bringing the stored items out to you.  Or, in this instance, the front racks slide out and pivot to a 90 degree open position, and the back rack slides forward.

Pull Out Mechanism

(photo from

Make It A Drawer

Have you seen this before?  We can get a cabinet where there is a stack of drawers in the corner!  The drawers themselves come out at a 45  degree angle from the rest of the bottom cabinets.  This one really fools your eye when it’s tucked in, so it might trick any first time helpers or guests in the kitchen when you send them for the ladle.

Drawers in Corner

(photo from

Recycle It

This is a fun one.  Putting a rotating recycling bin in the corner makes it easy to pre-sort the recyclables before taking them out.  Each bin easily comes off the rotator when necessary, but is sturdy enough to fill up.  Having it here makes it much more convenient than walking to the bin in the garage every time you need to recycle something.  Plus, there’s the added benefit of not having to look at the recyclables piling up on the countertop waiting to go out.

(photo from

(photo from

Spin It Around

This is my favorite, because it just makes life so easy.    This is a Super Susan, the much-better-looking-sister of the Lazy Susan.  Notice the lack of the support pole in the center- this one sits (and spins) independently on its own shelf!  Then, it locks in place on its own ball bearing.  This allows you to not only load it up with heavier items than the “lazy” version can handle, but it also means you can fit larger items in there too.

(photo from

(photo from

Make It An “Easy Reach”

Getting into the corner wall cabinets is slightly less difficult than retrieving items from a bottom corner cabinet, but can still be frustrating if you’re living with one of the “blind” cabinets previously mentioned.  This cabinet forms a right angle, and the doors are hinged together to open as one.  That way, when you open the doors, you can see…and reach!… items in the whole cabinet.

(photo from

(photo from

So, there you have it- just a couple great options for your kitchen corners that don’t involve Jennifer Grey.  Maybe you weren’t “Having the Time of [Your] Life” like the final dance scene in the movie, but that’s it for this post!

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More job photos

Quick sampling of completed kitchen projects that we have recently had the opportunity to photograph!

12329 KIT 6 12329 KIT 3 12209 KIT 6 12209 KIT 4 12209 KIT 1

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Meet Rebecca!

This week we are talking to Rebecca Rotella, a designer based in our Cary showroom. Rebecca is easy to talk to and super creative- a great combination to assist you in your kitchen or bath project!

rebecca pic

QUICK BACKGROUND: A Raleigh native, Rebecca joined the KBG team about three years ago, after graduating from East Carolina University. Our temperate climate is a perfect match to Rebecca’s love of the outdoors; she especially enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and running with her dog, Lucy.

HER PERSONAL STYLE: The best word to sum up Rebecca’s style preference would have to be eclectic. Her design philosophy is that there is beauty in every style, and combining the right proportion of different styles gives the room its own unique vibe.

WHAT SHE ENJOYS ABOUT HER JOB: Rebecca is fond of the comparison of design to working on a puzzle where no one ever showed you the front of the box. It’s that element of creating something beautiful out of jumbled parts and pieces that excites and inspires her. When working with a client on a design, she notes that while function is obviously key, her optimal goal is to create a room that makes the homeowner feel happy when they walk in.

HER ADVICE TO CLIENTS: Consider your space and if it really works for you and how you function in the space. And once you decide, make it fun!! Sometimes it may seem that there are so many choices and decisions to be made, but that’s what we are here for!

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It’s almost summer!

Are you ready for summer entertaining?
We have access to many outdoor cabinetry and appliance lines that will help you achieve the exact style you are looking for.

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Recent master bath remodel

Check out the photos from one of our latest bathroom remodels…gorgeous!

12351 VAN 2

12351 VAN 4

12351 VAN 1

12351 VAN 3

 12351 VAN 9


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Meet Elise!

In this second installment of our team member spotlight, we caught up with Elise Hoffman, whose friendly face and easy smile greet you when you walk in the door of our North Hills showroom. Elise started working for Kitchen & Bath Galleries as a college intern, and we were thrilled in 2011 when she officially joined the team!


QUICK BACKGROUND: Elise grew up in Raleigh alongside her four older brothers. Yes, you read that correctly, FOUR of them! This equipped her with an extra large dose of patience, determination, and humor, all which serve her well now! Elise graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, majoring in Interior Architecture.

WHAT SHE ENJOYS ABOUT HER JOB: Elise enjoys staying on top of the latest and greatest in our industry, and can be counted on to let us know what is trending on social media sites such as Pinterest and Houzz. In addition to her space planning and design skills, Elise is also quite gifted at photography, and has become our go-to for taking photos of completed projects. She loves getting to see first hand how the plans on paper have transformed into beautiful and functional living spaces.

HER FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Elise gravitates toward classic materials, from marble countertops to crystal cabinet knobs. She tends to favor product lines that cater to varied styles and budgets while still maintaining top quality products, such as Kitchen Craft in the kitchen or Hansgrohe for decorative plumbing.

IN HER FREE TIME: Remember the part about the four brothers? Well, those brothers of hers have given her several nieces and nephews that she absolutely adores, and she always has a fun story to share of her latest escapades with them! Elise is also quite devoted to running, whether out with her dog or on a treadmill.

HER TOP DESIGN PRIORITY: Functionality rules in Elise’s book. Spaces are for living, after all, and should be both efficient AND beautiful. Elise strives to pair the practical with styles and finishes that represent the clients’ lifestyle, life stage, and personality.

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Recent finds on Pinterest

Rounding up a few of our recent faves on Pinterest….this week, we were drawn to the way each of these kitchens utilizes glass cabinet doors in the wall cabinets.

whimsy glass

originally pinned from

The mismatched cabinet hardware is what grabbed us here, but do love the glass cabinets on either side of the sink.

leaded glass cabs

originally pinned from

Leaded glass is often thought of as heavy, but has a much lighter look here.

glass doors and drawers

originally pinned from

Loving the mirrored drawer fronts to go with the mirrored doors!

glass cabs 2

originally pinned from flamant home interiors

So much to love about this kitchen…glass included!

glass cabs 1

originally pinned from

Glass cabinets are a great opportunity to add color and show off your collections. Would have been a shame to hide all this behind solid doors!

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