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Meet Rebecca!

This week we are talking to Rebecca Rotella, a designer based in our Cary showroom. Rebecca is easy to talk to and super creative- a great combination to assist you in your kitchen or bath project!

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QUICK BACKGROUND: A Raleigh native, Rebecca joined the KBG team about three years ago, after graduating from East Carolina University. Our temperate climate is a perfect match to Rebecca’s love of the outdoors; she especially enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and running with her dog, Lucy.

HER PERSONAL STYLE: The best word to sum up Rebecca’s style preference would have to be eclectic. Her design philosophy is that there is beauty in every style, and combining the right proportion of different styles gives the room its own unique vibe.

WHAT SHE ENJOYS ABOUT HER JOB: Rebecca is fond of the comparison of design to working on a puzzle where no one ever showed you the front of the box. It’s that element of creating something beautiful out of jumbled parts and pieces that excites and inspires her. When working with a client on a design, she notes that while function is obviously key, her optimal goal is to create a room that makes the homeowner feel happy when they walk in.

HER ADVICE TO CLIENTS: Consider your space and if it really works for you and how you function in the space. And once you decide, make it fun!! Sometimes it may seem that there are so many choices and decisions to be made, but that’s what we are here for!

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Meet Elise!

In this second installment of our team member spotlight, we caught up with Elise Hoffman, whose friendly face and easy smile greet you when you walk in the door of our North Hills showroom. Elise started working for Kitchen & Bath Galleries as a college intern, and we were thrilled in 2011 when she officially joined the team!


QUICK BACKGROUND: Elise grew up in Raleigh alongside her four older brothers. Yes, you read that correctly, FOUR of them! This equipped her with an extra large dose of patience, determination, and humor, all which serve her well now! Elise graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, majoring in Interior Architecture.

WHAT SHE ENJOYS ABOUT HER JOB: Elise enjoys staying on top of the latest and greatest in our industry, and can be counted on to let us know what is trending on social media sites such as Pinterest and Houzz. In addition to her space planning and design skills, Elise is also quite gifted at photography, and has become our go-to for taking photos of completed projects. She loves getting to see first hand how the plans on paper have transformed into beautiful and functional living spaces.

HER FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Elise gravitates toward classic materials, from marble countertops to crystal cabinet knobs. She tends to favor product lines that cater to varied styles and budgets while still maintaining top quality products, such as Kitchen Craft in the kitchen or Hansgrohe for decorative plumbing.

IN HER FREE TIME: Remember the part about the four brothers? Well, those brothers of hers have given her several nieces and nephews that she absolutely adores, and she always has a fun story to share of her latest escapades with them! Elise is also quite devoted to running, whether out with her dog or on a treadmill.

HER TOP DESIGN PRIORITY: Functionality rules in Elise’s book. Spaces are for living, after all, and should be both efficient AND beautiful. Elise strives to pair the practical with styles and finishes that represent the clients’ lifestyle, life stage, and personality.

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Meet the Team Monday- take 1

Getting to know our clients is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our job…and we want to give you the chance to get to know us as well! We are kicking off a new blog series to introduce you to our varied team of professionals, spotlighting a different member each week. It only seemed right to start out with someone who has been a fixture on the Kitchen & Bath Galleries design team from the very beginning… Desi McAlister!


QUICK BACKGROUND: Desi is originally from High Point, North Carolina, and attended design school in Asheboro. When she made the move to Cary, she worked with TCR Cabinets, the company that eventually merged with Crenshaw TV & Appliance to form Kitchen & Bath Galleries. Desi currently works as a senior designer out of our Cary showroom.

WHAT SHE’S KNOWN FOR: Desi has been featured in numerous publications and articles, and has earned the respect of local builders and customers alike for her close attention to detail and absolute dedication to her job and to her clients. Desi enjoys meeting the challenges that come with creating the perfect design the client envisions while also achieving their idea of the perfect price as well.

HER FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Desi’s personal style is modern to contemporary, and emphasizes function without sacrificing design. She loves mixing countertop surfaces, such as natural stone with concrete, stainless steel, or glass.

IN HER FREE TIME: If you know Desi, you know there is not much of that! When she has the chance, she does love to head to the beach…although you will probably see her in the passenger seat finalizing a drawing or chatting on the phone with a client all the way down and back!

HER ADVICE TO CLIENTS: Don’t be afraid to give your designer an idea of your budget. We can design anything but if we don’t have an understanding of where you would like to be financially we may be headed in the wrong direction to begin with, or we might come up short.

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